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Keeping Dad Busy May 8, 2017

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I’m still in the baking doldrums, although I recently purchased a jelly roll pan that I’m looking forward to using. I’ve been busy encouraging my crafty side and nurturing my green thumb as my new escape from writing and editing the past couple of months. You better believe, keeping anything alive in this Florida drought is a real challenge. I thought I had it figured out while my dad was visiting and he set up a drip hose that hit all the scattered pots. Things were going great until he left and the hose stopped dripping in all the right spots. Fixing that’s on my never-ending to-do list.

hanging basketIMG_3504


There was another project dad helped with that I am quite pleased with, though. I’d been wanting a cork board and, while I loved several options at Hobby Lobby, none of them were quite what I was looking for. I did get some good ideas, though, and decided to build one myself. I purchased four cork squares and a couple of wood fence pickets (the regular boards I wanted we’re out of stock & the pallet I had hanging out in the backyard wasn’t the right size).


Don’t get too impressed yet. Dad actually made the trip to Lowes for the fence pickets, and he cut them to the right size, nailed/ glued them together and stained them for me. (Don’t shake your head. He needed a project to keep him from getting bored.)


Once the wood part was completed, I laid out the cork panels and we glued them to the board. Dad has taken up painting and had a large canvas drop cloth to protect the floor, so I commandeered a piece of it to cover the cork.


We wrapped the canvas around the top and bottom, securing it with a staple gun, but we needed to secure the sides as well. I was thinking about upholstery nails, but dad found some thin molding that worked perfectly.


I’m quite pleased with the finished product.




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