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Let them eat mini-cake! February 17, 2012

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I recently made some cupcakes for a get together and ended up having nearly a dozen left over.  My mom loves frozen cake so I thought I would freeze the left over cupcakes and share them with her when she came to visit.  They of course were a big hit, so when I got my teeny tiny silicon cupcake molds for my birthday, I decided to try out some mini muffins in the freezer.

 Mini Blueberry Muffins


Oh my!  They are so good and really just bite size.  When I have a craving for a little something sweet, but don’t want to over do it, I pop one of these babies out of the freezer straight into my mouth.  I think these mold will be great for making truffles also.  I think I’m going to try some Chocolate Cookie Dough truffles next.


One Response to “Let them eat mini-cake!”

  1. Bring on the truffles.


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