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Afternoon Tea May 10, 2012

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Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at my second Afternoon Tea with the Author to promote my books.  Wanda, my hostess, is an amazing woman of God and inspires me to be a better person each time we meet.  I think she may have been more excited about this tea than I was.  She was praying about the tea and one night in a dream she found her inspiration. She used pink ribbons to hang decorative teacups from the formal dining room chandelier and I hear she had the table all decorated a week before the tea.

In addition to the normal sweets of afternoon tea, Wanda served an interesting savory, Boars Head honey turkey wrapped around marinated asparagus with a toothpick speared through an olive and cheese cube.


After tea was enjoyed we moved into the living room for some book talk and I had the chance to share the trailer for Summer Storms and debut the trailer for my upcoming novel, Julianne.  Getting these videos on the screen was quite the comedy of errors and I honestly wasn’t sure if things were going to work out or not.

It all started when I didn’t have Mike, my producer, put the videos on DVDs at the time we finalized them and ended with me forgetting to bring the remote for my DVD player to the tea.  The final challenge was a series of short power outages that we turned into a chance to chat.  Turns out three of the guests were from North Carolina, which generated more conversation about Julianne, set on the coast of North Carolina.  When we were finally able to watch the videos it was worth all the frustrations to experience to first hand the reaction of an audience.

I am so thankful for the Tea and the opportunity to talk with these women about my writing process, inspirations, and plans for my upcoming novels.  This experience made my new-found status as an author real.  Looking forward to my next tea later this month in South Carolina.


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