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Interview with Author Zari Banks August 13, 2012

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Social media is such a wonderful way to meet new people. I have met a number of writers through Facebook and Twitter and developed some truly entertaining friendships. I’ve found the indie writer community very welcoming and supportive so when Zari Banks posted that she was looking for blog tour hosts I was eager to help out.

Author Zari Banks

Banks is a published author, freelance writer, master teacher, small business owner, editor, blogger, speaker, and mother. Banks grew up in Kennewick, Washington, and relocated to Arizona where she attended graduate school at the University of Arizona. Her new book, The 10 Commandments of Prayer: Praying the Will of God for Your Children is now available in paperback.

Tell us about your new book.

The 10 Commandments of Prayer: Praying the Will of God for Your Children was divinely downloaded to me one morning after two days of praying Proverbs 8:12 which reads, “Wisdom dwells with prudence, and gives me knowledge of witty inventions.” I pray the scriptures. That’s how prayers get answered, and this book is evidence of it. After asking God to give me a ‘witty invention’ He gave me a book that I can use for income, and that’s in line with His will which means it will be successful (Matthew 6:10; Proverbs 16:3; Deuteronomy 8:18). This is my fourth book on prayer, and it examines The Ten Commandments, and teaches how to pray and declare those desires for our conduct into our children’s lives.

In May God gave me a prophecy in which He said he was giving me a nation to feed, and would provide the wisdom and way for me. Once that prophecy was given it was my job to discern through prayer and reading the Bible what group of people He was referring to, and what steps He wanted me to take. So, I began to seek after Him, and study how to discover my assignment or purpose – I share this journey to discovery in my podcast, Praying with Power and Purpose. I’ve had several dreams in which God gave me instructions, I’ve been given revelation as I read and studied my Bible and have had two prophecies spoken to me by strangers that have confirmed the direction I’m headed in.

This book is not easy to read. But, it’s powerful.

God is calling His children to remember His basic truths – commands that He’s given and expectations for our behavior. We all want His blessings, but often overlook His very first command to love Him first and foremost. That command will never change, and any time we behave, speak or think in a manner that’s contrary to that command, we’re in sin and face discipline until repentance. This book basically reminds us that God’s word – the Bible – is true and that He means what He says.

As Christian parents our main responsibility is to teach our kids to love and honor God. Our children are facing obstacles and temptations that can’t be overcome outside of God’s assistance. In order to take advantage of His abundance of divine blessings and protection we have to submit to His desire that we obey The Ten Commandments. The world is constantly changing, and often for the worse, but He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

Since you write for a Christian audience, tell me about your faith. When did you become a believer?

I became a believer when I was 7 years old, however, I only began to understand what a personal relationship with Christ is in my 20s. My faith is extraordinary. I say this because I’ve experienced five years of complete chaos, devastation and loss and I love God more than ever. My faith is still growing leaps and bounds now because I’m one who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

In spite of who I was/am, God has allowed me to be the proud mother of a 10-year-old genius. But, more important than being a top student, he’s kind, respectful and honest. He loves the Lord. He’s the proof that the prayers in my book are effective because these are things I’ve prayed for him his entire life. In five years of suffering alongside of me through turmoil he hasn’t once misbehaved at school disrespected another adult or other person or had any psychological issues.

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I love to read. I love to play. I really enjoy eating.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Hagen Daaz chocolate.

Is there any funny, crazy, amazing, or interesting fact you would like your fans to know about you?

I’m a terrible dancer. I have no rhythm whatsoever.

Since my blog revolves around food, I was wondering if you have a favorite recipe you would like to share.  

You know what, I don’t have a favorite recipe because I just thoroughly enjoy consuming food – and large amounts of it. But, I love sitting down eat a traditional family dinner. Meaning that mealtimes are family time, and, in addition to, the nourishment of our bodies family dinners feed our souls as well.

Where can people find you around the web?




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Bountiful Blessings July 16, 2012

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Last week was a downpour of blessings upon my writing career, showing me how God’s plans for my life are far greater than my own.  This post will be a bit longer than normal, but I hope you can forgive me as I really want to take a few minutes to share this experience.

On July 8, a review of my new book, Julianne, was published by Lonita Cook on the Kansas City Examiner website.  Ms. Cook’s kind words for the story and writing style gave validation to my writing dream, but what really made my heart sing was how the reviewer really captured the essence of why I write, which is to tell stories that will minister to those who are already followers of Christ and provide a warm invitation to those who aren’t yet believers. However, it wasn’t just the positive review, the response to the review was also overwhelming.  As of this writing, the article was shared via Twitter 149 times and Facebook 34 times.  I hope these numbers are encouraging to Ms. Cook as well, because it is a testament to her own beautiful writing.

Just as the glow and excitement of the review were fading, I started my first giveaway via Kindle Direct Publishing’s Select program.  On Wednesday and Thursday,  July 11 and 12, my business manager and I worked to promote Julianne being available as a free download for Kindle.  I admit I was expecting to get 20, maybe 50 downloads.  When I first logged on Wednesday morning I was floored to see there had already been 193.  When the promotion ended at 3:00am on July 13, a total of 1,749 books had been downloaded worldwide.  The idea so many people chose a book I haven’t hesitated to promote as Christian fiction has given wings to my creative spirit.  Since my first book sale, I made a commitment to myself to pray for each person who makes a purchase.  This past week certainly made the prayer list longer, but I treasure each of those unknown lives.

Despite being emotionally and physically drained after all of this wonderful excitement, I had a taste for strawberry scones.  I made them Sunday afternoon after getting caught up on all the mundane tasks pushed aside to focus on my marketing.  They smelled absolutely wonderful in the oven and were the perfect end to a dream week.  The recipe I used can be found here if you want to take advantage of the end of strawberry season yourself.


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