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Baking Procrastination June 15, 2015

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I love baking, but not in the summer. The oven makes the whole house ridiculously hot and I can’t afford to run the air conditioning cool enough to make it comfortable. However, the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with baking, despite the heat. It all started in May when I should have been finalizing my latest book, Spring Dawn. Instead, I pulled out a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for several months- chocolate biscotti crunch cookies. My parents were visiting and they enjoyed them so much, I made a second batch a few days later for them to take on their trip back to North Carolina. Of course, I kept a few for myself too. I made some adjustments to the second batch that made them even better than the first.




I’m so Meg February 14, 2015

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I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I think if you love someone you shouldn’t need a specific day to express that love. By making a big deal out of the holiday the only thing you are doing is lining the pockets of greeting card companies, candy manufacturers, jewelery stores, and florists. I don’t begrudge them their chance to make some extra money, but I choose not to participate.


This year I saw a recipe for Red Velvet Chocolate Chip cookies, and decided I would make them for Valentine’s Day. I’d planned to share them with a coworker whose birthday is February 14, but she took a long weekend, so I have to eat her share as well. They didn’t come out quite as sweet as I’d expected, and I still need to play around with the amount of food coloring, but they aren’t bad for a first attempt. I have some leftover chocolate buttercream frosting in the freezer. Adding some of that may be just the ticket. Now it’s time to curl up with one of my favorite Disney movies, Hercules. Meg is my favorite Disney heroine. She is gorgeous and tough. Even when she is in the clutches of a monster she doesn’t act like a damsel in distress. I relate to her more than the other female leads in the Disney fairytales. I think Meg and I will enjoy a nice big plate of cookies this weekend.



Cruise Fare April 7, 2012

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I spent most of the month of March traveling; two of those weeks were cruising for work.  People always seem to rave about how great the food is on cruise ships, and in most cases I would have to agree, but I would say some of the dishes offered on this these trips were a bit odd.  How many people really want to try wild boar while on a cruise?  I did try the salmon tartar though.  As much as I love salmon though I just couldn’t finish this.  However, the yellowfin tuna was fabulous.


Of course, I also enjoyed the desserts.  I liked the fact that there was always a sampler option, and I got it almost every night.  There were maybe three bites of each option, but they were more than enough after a full day of nibbling.  However, I have to say, my favorite part of each day was finishing up with work and retiring to my stateroom for an hour of solitude before dinner.  I ordered room service coffee and cookies and sat on the verandah to watch the sun set.

Coffee and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies



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