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Book Blast By the Numbers February 13, 2013

The cover for Winter's End compliments of Laura Wright LaRoache at LLPix.

The cover for Winter’s End compliments of Laura Wright LaRoache at LLPix.

February 3, as America sat down to watch the Super Bowl, I was anxiously watching my Twitter feed, Facebook account, and Bing searches as I monitored the progress of a book blast for my newest novel Winter’s End.

Crossreads is a new website, recently founded by some lovely ladies that I had previously met through Body & Soul Publishing. One of the services they offer is a book blast to help get more exposure for your books. I was quick to jump on this opportunity, especially since they were offering it at reduced price for a limited time. When the date rolled around I found a comfy spot on the couch and started surfing the net looking for the blogs that were participating in the blast. I was excited to find 15, but I have learned that there were actually 25. These bloggers promote your book for one week and visitors to their sites have the chance to enter to win an Amazon gift card. For this promotion the gift card was $25, but anyone who purchases the full price package will be giving away a $50 gift card.

I was overwhelmed by the number of tweets and new followers I saw rolling in through the day. Since this was the first book blast for Crossreads there were some learning curves for both of us, but overall, I’m very happy with the experience. While I don’t have final, official numbers yet, I wanted to share with you a general idea of the exposure and growth I saw, in case you are thinking about participating in a book blast yourself.

Page views on the main Crossreads site- 2,193
Number of blogs participating- 25
Number of contest entries- 8,159
Number of times blogs were shared on Facebook- 84
Number of times blogs were shared on Twitter- 418
New followers on Facebook gained- 150
New followers on Twitter gained- 205

I wasn’t able to gather shares on Facebook & Twitter from several of the blogs, but I do know that I kept seeing at least 20 mentions of the contest in my Twitter connections every day. There were also tweets that didn’t include my Twitter handle that I found using the search option & keywords book blast.

I wish I had kept a notebook next to me to log the exact number of tweets I found, but I will be better prepared in the future. To keep the momentum going and in honor of the Valentines weekend setting of Winter’s End, I am running Sweetheart $.99 sale. Get your copy February 13-16 on Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords for all your reading needs.

But that’s not all. This week is the official launch of the Crossreads website and there are giving away all kinds of great treats, including a copy of my book, Julianne.

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