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Loving the DIY March 3, 2021

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I’ve been pretty self-sufficient for as long as I can remember. I have put together all my furniture, even the Ikea stuff with the terrible directions. Watching HGTV demolition days always inspired in me a feeling of how satisfying it would be to take a sledge hammer to my kitchen cabinets.

Early in the pandemic, when my boss was trying to find a balance between the team not being allowed to work from home yet, but also not be in the office together, we were given “on call days” each week where we didn’t have to be in the office but were still paid. I took advantage of that time to tackle a project I’d been toying with for a couple of years.

My kitchen had cheap linoleum flooring. I debated having it tiled or laying vinyl planking. Tile was above my skill level, but the vinyl planking seemed doable. I ordered the flooring from Lowe’s and when I received an email announcing my order was ready for pickup, I sped to the store. While the email said the order was ready, I had to wait nearly half an hour, in line at customer service to tell them I was there and then while someone went to track down the cart everything was on. Lots of people were taking advantage of this free time to do home improvements.

Back at home, Dad and I unloaded the car and strategized how to proceed. Since the linoleum was already peeling by the back door, I decided we’d remove it. It took two days to get it up and the glue scrubbed clean. Longer than I’d expected but I felt good seeing the bare floor.

We started laying the new floor along a wall that has doors for the pantry and water heater closet. The first row, which should have taken twenty minutes at most to get down, ended up taking several hours. The door frames turned out to be built of concrete and rebar. Dad is innovative, though, and we managed to get them trimmed enough to slide the flooring in. The delay kept us from finishing in one day and at this point the kitchen and dining room were in such disarray there was no way we were cooking. I ordered Doordash and set up a table on the patio. It was a gorgeous evening and we enjoyed relaxing as the sun set.

The next morning, we resumed work after a simple breakfast of muffins and coffee. It took all day to finally get everything back in place shortly before dinner. A few weeks later, we tackled the guest bathroom, installing the same flooring and a new toilet. Since this room was so small I mostly stood by cheering Dad on and handing him things.

I probably could have done the projects on my own, although moving the fridge and stove would have required assistance, but I’m glad Dad and I did it together. It’s more fun to do projects with others. Dad and I think alike and communicate in the same manner so we can tackle projects he and my mom wouldn’t even consider doing together. That’s what makes humanity great. We each have different talents and abilities, we communicate in different ways and those differences make us stronger.


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  1. MaryEllen Cox Says:

    In the house I grew up in, Dad decided to replace the linoleum tiles with ceramic. He had a friend with professional experience so he asked for advice and the guy did the whole kitchen/dining area. He wouldn’t allow us to help.

    Dad and I did the hall and the backsplash along the entire kitchen counter.

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