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Gaines Fever July 8, 2018

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I was late to the Chip & Joanna Gaines “Fixer Upper” phenomenon. I happened to turn on HGTV one weekend last fall when I needed some background noise while I cleaned house and a Fixer Upper marathon was on. I ended up spending more time taking breaks to watch the show than I spent on cleaning. I was hooked on the transformations this sweet couple was able to bring about on some of the most hopeless looking homes. I started watching pretty much every time I found several episodes on in a row and soon found myself wanting to visit Waco, TX. Every time I’ve mentioned this desire I’ve had multiple people express the same feeling. I even lived the trip vicariously through one friend’s Facebook posts.

For the July 4th holiday, I flew to North Carolina to see my family and the lady next to me on the plane pulled out the Magnolia Table cookbook. I didn’t want to seem nosy, but I finally couldn’t resist asking if she’d visited the new restaurant. She hadn’t but purchased the cookbook in hopes her husband, the cook of the family, would make some of the best-sounding recipes from it during the holiday week. As I peeked at the pages during the remainder of the flight, I found the longing to visit growing, but I could probably settle with a copy of the cookbook until the weather in Texas cools off a little bit. If you have Gaines fever too, here’s your chance to win a copy of the Magnolia Table cookbook.


If you’ve made the trip to Waco, I’d appreciate any tips you have to share about planning a trip there, things to do other than visit all the Magnolia related places.


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