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Simply Southern April 7, 2016

Pimento cheese sandwiches are one of my favorite simple southern foods. As a child I would sit at the kitchen table watching my grandmother mash up a block of cheese then mix in the mayonnaise and pimentos. When I got older she let me do the cheese mashing and there was something gratifying about it. The sandwiches we made weren’t anything fancy. Sometimes we might toast the bread a little, but this was a simple meal served with an ice-cold Coca-Cola.
The past few years, I’ve noticed a number of restaurants making more gourmet versions of the sandwich. Probably the most unique twist was at the Little Switzerland Cafe, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the pimento cheese was served as a dip with grilled French bread and celery sticks. It was so good I wouldn’t mind making the two hour drive back to the cafe for another serving. A few weeks ago, I was in North Carolina taking some time to work on my new book, Virginia, and had the chance to visit a new restaurant in downtown Franklin called The Bowery. It opened last year and I’ve wanted to visit ever since I noticed it during my trip in December.
Once inside, I immediately liked the place. The decor is a perfect balance of elegant and rustic. The booths have high backs, made from boards that look like they were reclaimed from a barn, that provide a feeling of privacy. The chairs were plush and upholstered in a cappuccino suede. Bare light bulbs hung inside simple glass jars. The lunch menu was simple and there were the pimento cheese sandwiches again. One was served with fried green tomatoes and the other came with a bowl of soup. It was a chilly day, so I opted for the butternut squash soup and pimento cheese sandwich, while mom ordered the smoked chicken sandwich with pasta salad.

The Bowery

The Bowery

Our meals arrived quickly and I was impressed with the taste of everything. The soup was creamy and the sandwich was warm, the cheese melted just right. I wish I’d taken a picture, but it looked so good I couldn’t stop myself from digging in. I’m not sure why this simple sandwich is showing up on so many menus, but I plan to enjoy them as often as possible.


9 Responses to “Simply Southern”

  1. I love those sandwiches from our youth. My dad used to make us fried bologna sandwiches (white bread, mayo and bologna) and pickle and butter sandwiches. Just thinking of them makes me nostalgic. 🙂


  2. writtencommunications Says:

    Sounds great. Now I’m hungry.


  3. Now you’ve done it! I’m craving a pimento cheese sandwich. I remember my mother melting the cheese in a double boiler and stirring in the other ingredients. I’d stand there and watch impatiently when I was little. When I was in college, I’d go home with empty containers for her to fill so that I could stuff myself late at night while I was studying.


    • Mmmm, melting it in the double boiler, sounds yummy, but definitely a labor of love and patience. I can see a college-age Charles coming home on the weekend to stock up. 🙂


  4. I’m not a big fan of pimento but I love sharp grilled cheese. A few years back Cracker Barrel served a grilled cheese sandwich with green tomato soup that really hit the spot. Unfortunately it hasn’t appeared on the menu again. Appreciate the pimento cheese sandwiches while you can.


  5. bobnailor Says:

    Sometimes it is the simplicity of the sandwich that holds the flavor which is filled with memories. My son took me to Golden Corral and they were doing chopped steak sliders on the grill. Nothing fancy, chopped steak, a slice of cheese, all served on biscuit. When the slider was held to the open mouth – the aroma flavors burst into the mouth, assaulting you with memories of old-fashioned picnics and a flaming wood grill. First bite made your eyes roll back in their sockets! Such an intense experience from such a small item. YUM!


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