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Not My Daddy’s Shrimp September 11, 2015

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I grew up on the coast and I have many fond memories of seafood. My grandfather, Papa, would go to the beach several times a week and come home with loads of fish. One night I devoured eight whiting filets. I was off fish for about a month after that, but they were delicious at the time.

On of my favorite memories is of my dad trying to cook frozen shrimp. Mom worked the night shift at the hospital leaving dad our cook for evening meals. We had a lot of frozen pot pies and fish sticks. I still love a good pot pie. Anyway, one night he made us shrimp. My brother and I were sitting at the table and watched as dad stood two or three feet from the stove and tossed the shrimp into a pan of hot oil. The oil hissed and popped and dad took a couple more steps back. I don’t remember how dinner tasted that night, but I remembered laughing and being happy.

It’s probably that memory that has kept me from doing much with shrimp myself. I’ve heated up the toaster oven and baked some frozen fried shrimp, but I’ve never purchased fresh shrimp and tried to cook them in the skillet, which is a shame considering I still live on the coast. A few weeks ago, Publix had a sale on shrimp and I was looking for something different for dinner, so I picked up half a pound. I didn’t realize I’d chosen peel and eat shrimp instead of the ones already peeled until I got home and it took me about a minute to peel each one. After fifteen minutes I decided I had enough for dinner and I could finish the rest later.

I poured some garlic infused olive oil into my pan and allowed it to warm up, then added my shrimp. Fortunately, I didn’t have any overheated oil popping up at me. I already had some lemon flavored pasta boiling and a simple lemon butter sauce simmering, so when the shrimp were a nice golden color and I didn’t think I’d die from them being undercooked, I made myself a plate. I was quite pleased with my first attempt with fresh shrimp. I think they may have even been better than the shrimp I had on my recent cruise, although the cruise line presentation may have been prettier. Now I’m looking for my next cooking adventure. Do you have any suggestions?

Cruise Shrimp

Cruise Shrimp

Lemon-Butter Shrimp

Lemon-Butter Shrimp


9 Responses to “Not My Daddy’s Shrimp”

  1. He still isn’t big on putting his fingers near hot grease. I’m glad you have ventured out. Now if only I can convice you to eat Shrimp Fra Diavolo!


  2. Shrimp really are easy and the trick is not to overcook them. Once cleaned, you can simply boil them for a scant 2 1/2 minutes – 3 min tops, until they are pink and then immediately remove them and drain them. Then you can use them for salads or whatever. To cook them, if you’re making a liquid sauce or saute, then put them simply in at the end… again, just until they pink and no longer gray. Super high in protein. One of my fav foods.

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  3. I think your dish of shrimp looks more appetizing than the cruise ship. Never tried to peel and cook shrimp, prefer to let others tackle the mess. Good luck on the next batch.

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    • Thanks, Diane. 😀 I don’t recommend peeling your own shrimp. It’s tedious and adds another 15-20 minutes to prep time. I will spend the extra dollar next time to get peeled shrimp.


      • bobnailor Says:

        I don’t mind peeling my shrimp – sure it’s a little time-consuming, but for me here, it is more than $1 difference. Most of the time, it is either raw shrimp with shell on – or no shell and cooked … and that just doesn’t work. I had a choice – $7.99/lb w/ shell, or $11.99 no shell.


  4. bobnailor Says:

    I love fresh shrimp in almost all its different forms, especially grilled but my wife loves when I make the simplest meal – Lemony Shrimp. Melt 1/2 stick of butter in skillet, cut one lemon into thin slices, place raw uncooked shrimp on top, toss on some garlic and onion powder, cover. When shrimp are a pretty pink, they’re done and the lemon sauce is fabulous. Serve either on the side or over rice or noodles. Grilled shrimp on the barbie is an easy one, too. Skewer them, dab with olive oil, coat with a mixture of seasonings (I use a 3-2-2-1 mixture of 3 parts Old Bay, 2 parts onion powder, 2 parts garlic powder, 1 part sea salt) and place on the barbeque for about 1 min per side – or until pink. Slip them off skewers, lip-smacking good! Oh, I tend to leave the tails on to make it easier to handle with fingers, but your call. LOL.

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  5. kennamckinnon Says:

    Yum. I agree with Bob, the cooked and peeled shrimp is far more expensive here than the uncooked in the shell. The interesting thing I found in this post is that you were happy and laughing when your dad was cooking dinner, and that must be a wonderful warm memory.


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