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Birthdays and Markets August 29, 2014

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Birthday cake

Sunday was my mom’s birthday so I flew to North Carolina to spend the weekend with her. The moment I stepped outside the airport I was welcomed by a cool breeze and the fresh, woodsy scent that always makes me smile and fills my heart with peace. I inhaled deeply while I waited for mom and dad to arrive from the nearby McDonalds and could feel the muscles in my body unwinding.


There weren’t any real plans for the weekend, but I was looking forward to visitng the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning. I was delighted to find out it was customer appreciation day and there were tons of free samples- garlic cloves, organic coffee, pastries, homemade pesto, homemade soaps, there was even a chance to win $200 worth of fresh produce and a fresh pie of our choosing. Sadly we didn’t win.


My own hometown has been trying to get a farmer’s market off the ground, but with only one produce vendor and a handful of other non-food related booths, it hasn’t gained much traction. This North Carolina market, though, it was what I always envisioned. Knots of people gathered between each booth to catch up the week’s events; multiple farmers with their fresh-picked crops; a table piled high with delicious-looking homemade bread that reminded me of a scene from a French movie; a cooler with fresh, free-range chickens; a table of fresh pastries, a lady with homemade soaps and other bath products, and even flower vendors. We bought some ears of corner and a couple of huge tomatoes before wandering into some nearby antique shops. Looking back now, I’m surprised that I can’t remember any sounds or smells and can only guess my eyes were so overwhelmed all of my other senses were dulled.


That evening I had a yummy tomato sandwhich, and was actually able to tell a difference between this tomato and those from my own garden. I had read that basil is an excellent companion plant and added one to my tomato area. There definitely is a difference.


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7 Responses to “Birthdays and Markets”

  1. I like the cake graphic, Thanks for making my birthday so special!

  2. I LOVE Farmers Markets! We have a great one in Olympia and the fresh fruits and veggies from local farms are yummy.

  3. Bob Nailor Says:

    Birthdays are always fun. Farmers Markets are too. We have a ‘limited’ Farmers Market in town – about 5 or 6 locals w/ some extras to sell. Got to get there early, everything goes fast.

  4. I have a veggie garden where I grow tomatoes and now spaghetti squash – it’s like my own little Farmer’s Market in my backyard – and Happy Birthday to your mom!

    • And your market is free 🙂 I’m looking forward to starting another crop of tomatoes in a couple of weeks. It was just so hot here that the early plants didn’t do very well.

  5. Farmer’s markets are one of my happy places. We are really blessed (or spoiled) in So-Cal — we have one every day of the week in one neighborhood or another. There is a huge one a block away from me in Santa Monica every Sunday. I am very lucky. Good on you for flying to spend your mom’s birthday with her!!! 🙂

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