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Life of a Lemon October 28, 2013

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Some of the first lemon blossoms

Some of the first lemon blossoms


I enjoy using lemons in my cooking and baking and ever since I read about lemon trees kept in pots in Under the Tuscan Sun I’ve wanted my own potted lemon tree. This spring I went the local nursery and picked up a Meyer Lemon sapling. I was thrilled when it started popping out blossoms. The sweet aroma welcomed me each time I stepped out onto the patio, promising a bounty of fruit. Sadly, I had to remove many of the blossoms since the tree wasn’t large enough to sustain so much fruit.


When my first tiny lemons started to appear my mouth watered at the prospect of grabbing fresh fruit any time I needed zest or juice. I waited and waited, watching the fruit grow ever so slowly. It’s now been six months since that first tiny ball emerged and I still haven’t been able to use the fruit.

Baby lemons emerge

Baby lemons emerge 

I noticed the first sign of yellow on one of the lemons about six weeks ago and was sure that I would be able to use it in no time, but not so. I’ve learned that growing lemons is a lesson in patience. Now I have six lemons in various stages of ripening. When the first is finally ready to eat, I know it will be even sweeter for the wait.

They are starting to ripen

They are starting to ripen



4 Responses to “Life of a Lemon”

  1. LisaJeyDavis Says:

    I don’t remember that part of Under the Tuscan Sun but what a great idea! I love lemons. I wonder if the same is true for a lime tree? I’ll have to investigate… but yeah – that is a good lesson in patience!


  2. Maybe they will be ripe by Christmas. I would enjoy having some basil lemon chicken


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