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Christian Book Lovers Blog Hop June 25, 2013

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Welcome to my kitchen. I hope you’ll take a break from all your hopping and have a cup of coffee. I write what I like to call real life fiction, stories that we can all relate to, and that I hope will inspire you. I’m giving away a copy of each of my books via Smashwords to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing. Here’s a little about each book.

new book cover
Julianne Finnegan lives in the shadow of her adored but wildly successful brother, Michael. Her professional life is a disaster, she has no sense of herself outside her family, and she can’t face another Monday. A chance encounter with Oliver, a handsome young actor, gives her the courage to leave her job and prove her real potential. Julianne’s confidence soars as she meets the challenges of revitalizing the failing community theater. The time she spends with Oliver opens her eyes to a certainty she’s never known before, even in her successful brother. But as she starts to open her heart to Oliver, an old crush returns. Gavin, a famous movie director, has been Michael’s best friend for years and loved her as a little sister. The excitement and passion Julianne has developed for the theater shocks him into realizing she is a child no longer, but a beautiful talented woman who has captured his heart. Julianne is faced with some difficult choices. Will she choose glitz or a steadfast love?

summer storm Final
Book One of the Seasons of Faith Series Thanks to the love and support of friends and a renewed commitment to her faith Elizabeth Reynolds has moved past the hurt and anger of her parents death. Her job as concierge at Hotel Lago, a boutique hotel in downtown Orlando is challenging and fills her need to be successful but one thing is missing. She loves the historic homes in the downtown area but fears she will never be able to afford one. When a once in a lifetime opportunity to renovate a broken down home comes along she snaps it up. Sparks and clashes with her handsome, but deeply troubled contractor, Jeffrey Robbins threaten to slow the renovation but they fade as Orlando becomes the target of three summer storms, hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jeanne. In the aftermath of the storms what be the fate of Lizzie’s home and heart?

Musician Michelle Burton just had the best night of her life. Her band Tangled Web opened for Wonderland in downtown Orlando and the crowd loved them. Too excited to sleep she makes a fateful decision to go to work early. The best night of her life turns into the worst day of her life. Nearby, at boutique Hotel Lago, Stephen Longbottom, acting concierge manager, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the board of directors for Silken Pleasures, a multimillion dollar company based in New York and specializing in high end cosmetics, fragrances and lingerie. Their incessant demands before they even arrive are driving him to distraction. Meanwhile Lizzie Reynolds, his boss is on a romantic ski trip in Vermont leaving him to manage his first solo event. Hope, forgiveness and love are an integral message throughout the book and like a fine tapestry the threads of God’s master plan for the character’s lives are woven into a fabric of great storytelling, conflict and humor. Readers who came to know and love the characters of Summer Storms will enjoy catching up with Lizzie, Stephen, Michelle, Jeffrey and Ian.

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38 Responses to “Christian Book Lovers Blog Hop”

  1. onisha Ellis Says:

    Hey, great idea, I will try to reblog


  2. Reblogged this on Old Things R New and commented:
    If you enjoy Christian fiction the blog hop today offers a great chance to win some books. Make sure you comment here and follow the link at the bottom of Rebekah Lyn’s Ktchen.


  3. I would love to read these books. Thanks for the giveaway


  4. jodiwoody Says:

    They all look like good stories! Hopping, and yes, I did get a cup of iced coffee!


  5. Dorothy Teel Says:

    The brief summary you give of your books – Julianne, Summer Storms and Winters End sound very interesting, I would like to read these books and I feel that I could share them with my daughter in law safely, without worrying about offensive content.


    • You could definitely share them without worries. I know how uncomfortable it can be to read books with lots of foul language and compromising positions and want to offer stories so the reader doesn’t have to worry about those things.


  6. Jan Hall Says:

    I can’t decide which book I would read first. I do pass on my books to my step-mom and her sister before adding them to our church library.


  7. Silvia Says:

    I could see myself curling up with a nice mug of tea and reading your books.


  8. Christina Says:

    I want to read your books. I mean, how cool is it that my friend wrote them? Very! Are they all available as ebooks for Nook?


  9. Barbara Thompson Says:

    Your books sound great. Would love to win. Thank you for entering me in your giveaway.
    Barbara Thompson


  10. Mary Klucas Says:

    Your books sound very interesting. I am always looking for my next book to read.


  11. Brittany Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win your books. They sound very good.
    Brittany McEuen


  12. Thanks for the giveaway!



  13. […] 18. Rebekah Lyn’s Kitchen […]


  14. The books sound great!


  15. I hope I win, looking forward to reading your books


  16. kim propp Says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. God Bless!


  17. susanlulu2013 Says:

    These books sound wonderful. Thanks for this chance to get to know new authors.


  18. Your books sound amazing! Would love to win them! Thanks for the giveaway!


  19. bonnie Says:

    Would enjoy reading all of the books – thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  20. Linda Humbert Says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  21. chris granville Says:

    Thank you and God bless you


  22. Rhonda S. Tenderholt Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to read these books. They sound very interesting and I love historical fiction romance. Thank you.


  23. Vicki Says:

    I’m sure “meeting” a lot of new authors through this hop! I love good clean books!



  24. Lourdes Montes Says:

    Each book looks great would love to win. Thank you for the giveaway.


  25. Jaimee Harvey Says:

    I look forward to reading all 3books -never read a “Christian” book before – has sparked my interest & curiosity !


  26. Kim Says:

    This is such a great way to spend a Saturday morning.


  27. Tammy Says:

    Love Christian fiction I just can’t get enough


  28. These books sound wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  29. Mary chapman Says:

    These books sound great even if I not win them from this I think I would like to purchase them.


  30. Chyleene Says:

    Enjoyed Rebekah and would love to read the others. Thank you for the opportunity


  31. Janet Wargo Says:

    The books sound great. The storylines sound a lot like the adventures of some of my family members.


  32. bn100 Says:

    These sound intriguing

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


  33. Alicia Says:

    I really enjoy her books!


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