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The Dentist Diet June 7, 2012

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Yesterday I had oral surgery to repair an issue with an old root canal.  I haven’t been a fan of the dentist since I broke out with chicken pox while getting braces put on in the 5th grade, and this latest experience reinforces my aversion.  Sure the doctor & nurses were nice, but the procedure itself was awful in every way, especially the post-surgery diet.

For hours after the surgery my face was so numb I was afraid everything I put in my mouth would slide right out.  I would have used a straw for beverages, but I worried this would cause my stitches to pop and I couldn’t bear the idea of having to go back to get sewn up again.  When I nibbled on some Mac & Cheese, the spoon barely fit in the crooked opening of my paralyzed lips.

Morning came and I awoke to find my face swollen twice its normal size.  I feel like I could get a part in the next installment of Planet of the Apes.  For lunch I am looking forward to chocolate pudding and more Mac & Cheese.


One Response to “The Dentist Diet”

  1. Onisha Says:

    But it IS Boston Market mac and cheese and hey, you look like you had free botox


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