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Afternoon Tea with Author Party March 11, 2012

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Tea with Author


Wednesday I had the privilege of participating in an Afternoon Tea with the Author, a series of events for fans to get to know more about my writing and me.  Pam, the hostess is a dear friend, and I am so thankful for her hospitality.  This was Pam’s first tea party so I offered to help with the food, which of course gave me an excuse to bake.   I was so intently focused on the party to come that the I didn’t realize I had forgotten the cranberries in the first batch of cranberry-orange scones until the batter was already mixed, rolled out, cut, and placed on the baking sheet.  I’ve always had trouble following a recipe, my brain seems to skip ahead two or three steps.   Not to worry, a new batch was easily whipped up.

I also decided to try out a couple of new recipes for chocolate cookie dough truffles and quiche.  Both turned out well and I was very happy with how easy there were to make.  The quiche were crustless and cooked nicely in my new silicone baking molds.  By the time our guests arrived the table was laid with a variety of delicious treats and eight different teas.  I have to thank Hans at Our Home Tea for the wonderful selection of tea and the adorable little tea pot with infuser for the loose leaf teas.


We had fun tasting four different teas – China Breakfast, Tropical Crimson, Jasmine, and 1,000 Cranes.  I enjoyed them all, but I think my favorite is the Jasmine.  I have always loved the smell of Jasmine and there is something very calming about the tea.  I enjoyed have the chance to talk about how I started writing and giving a teaser for the books slated for publication later this year.  I look forward to many more of these tea parties in the coming months.



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