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You Don’t Like Dessert? March 5, 2012

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I have been deep in revisions of Julianne, my next novel, the first in the Coastal Chronicles series.  With each draft I get to know Julianne and the other cast of characters a bit better.  The other night, as I was working with Julianne in a diner scene I learned that she doesn’t like Red Velvet cupcakes, in fact she isn’t a big fan of deserts overall.  This was surprising to me because I LOVE sweets, especially Red Velvet.  I can’t tell you what it is about the Red Velvet, maybe because it is always so moist, even days after its been made.  Just thinking about Red Velvet, I had to stop writing and go make a batch of cupcakes.

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What Julianne does enjoy though, is gourmet food.  He brother, Michael, owns several restaurants and resorts, and is married to a chef, so Julianne has had the chance to try a wide variety of foods.  One of her favorite dishes is a baked Mahi Mahi.  At least I can agree with her there.  Mahi may not be my favorite dish, but I do love it.  Growing up on the beach, my grandfather used to come home most nights with dozens of fish, mostly Whiting and Flounder.  I still remember one night when I was about six or seven when I ate at least eight fillets of Whiting.  I ate until I was sick and yet couldn’t stop they were so good.  I miss those days, so writing about a young girl in a coastal town with plenty of good fish available seems somewhat fated.

If you would like to check out my debut novel, Summer Storms, it is now available for Kindle & Nook, or in print at Lulu.  Julianne is expected to release in May or June.  Be sure to check back here for more details or Like my page on Facebook.


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